EcoTales From Tomorrow™

Global Canvas Masters Presents:The International Predict Your Future Design Challenge

Prediction Art as Future Story-telling Genre: Situation Critical 2050 - Multi-genre Endangered Species Prediction Projection

EcoTales From Tomorrow focuses on the many plant-, bird-, fish-, mammal- and other species that are under threat of extinction in the next 30 years, up to 2050.

The Web is my Canvas: The 5P Genre: Petal, Pedal, Palate, Pallet and Prediction: Our beautiful species pre-tell the tales of their extinction in the next 30 years in their own words with art, music, food, fashion, poetry and lyrics

Students aligned to the Student_Studio Programme select an endangered living species, research its survival prognosis and then tell the story of that species (= in the words of the species) and its place in future ecology (Eg. What will happen if this species becomes extinct?).

It emphasizes the Student_Studios' abilities i.t.o. indoor and outdoor décor design in a corporate environment.

Studio partners either self-paint a selected species, or approach professional artists of standing to select and paint a species for the projects as original artists.

The original creation must be designed suitably to be used as a logo for a T-Shirt and a mobile graffiti campaign.

The artists may use a 'canvas' which is not the ordinary factory-manufactured shop-shelve product (= woven/stretched fabric).

They may – for instance - utilize used linen (Eg from used/discarded pillowcases) for the original design.

The Student_Studio team may also transfer - in innovative ways and using techniques - the original designs onto discarded material ("Scrap") such as glass cylinders, oil drum-tops, or 'canvasses' prepared from pallet wood to form interior design items to form part of a unique exhibit.

Student_Studio Teams may

  • Design a T-Shirt as team dress which will be advertised for sale on Global_Entrepreneurs,
  • The design of labels and cards for an international online Wine & Dine Auction on Global_Entrepreneurs (The profits of which will be dedicated to an authorised charity organization)
  • Compose a song for the project: the song should contain - as lyrics - the words of the species who will be telling its story of the next 30 years to the human audience

The painting, the T-Shirt design as well as the wine label design should creatively/innovatively include a red line (straight, curved, circle) to symbolize The Red Line of Extinction for the various selected species.

Internet-Based Exhibition (The Web is my Canvas)

The various designs will be exhibited in real time and online in selected studios in participating countries on specially created web pages and on Global_Entrepreneurs


During the self-auction participating artists may offer their creations for sale to a Global online audience. Artists who have been involved in the programme as original artists may – if they wish so - receive royalties (Amounts to be determined).

Food For the Future: Culinary Art

The design of creative culinary dishes within the context of endangered herb and eatable plant species

Social Media Coverage

The international media will be invited to attend the exhibition/Fashion Pageant event online and/or in real time.

Notes to participating artists: Designing a Prospectus for your Student_Studio

The Prospectus of your Student_Studio contains all the relevant information about your art-enterprise, and serves as the portal that guides both your clients and your investors. It serves as a functional, up-to-date marketing platform where you may add daily developments and new creations.

Mentors, Valuators, Curators and Auctioneers will be able to track your artistic achievements in respect of the originality of your work.

Protection of your rights that pertain to your creations and designs may – upon request from you - be stored in the Register of Original Innovative Achievement. This is to protect you from ideas theft and plagiarism.